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i don't think you can truly understand the present election is something about the past. the more you know, the better you understand the president. if you understand the president, you're capable of making some sources about what's going to happen any future. >> for more information on booktv's recent visit to coeur d'alene and many other cities visited by our local content vehicles, go to >> we conclude our block of programming on president john f. kennedy in recognition of the '50s anniversary of his assassination was based historian robert dallek to profiles president and his team
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of advisers, which included his brother and attorney general robert kennedy, defense secretary robert mcnamara, and aides arthur schlesinger, jr. and ted sorenson. this is about one hour. >> under letter to here and i'm looking forward to this conversation. the first question is, 50 years after his death president can has an 80% approval rating among the american public. is the public wrong? >> first of all, it's 85%. [laughter] >> it's gone up. >> and the result of the recent government shutdown i suspect the vintage date it might be 90%. i don't think it's wrong in the sense that people in this country want to

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